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Free Gasket Inspection

Best Price

Almost instantaneous gasket replacement service at a reasonable cost (20%-50%
less than in-house maintenance
or commercial refrigeration
mechanical contractors).


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Service Guarantee

We provide superior gasket replacement service (and much more). If your business has a significant investment in commercial cooling equipment, ask us about our 7 value-added services, quick response time, and guarantee!


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Priority Care

Our Preventive Maintenance Program is a fixed-cost, all-inclusive option. Pay quarterly, semiannually, or annually to receive priority care, emergency response, scheduled inspection, cleaning, and unlimited gasket replacement.


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What Cool Seal Gaskets Does For You!

Extend Refrigerator Life
We Use OEM Quality or Better Gaskets
Control Energy Costs
Get "Piece of Mind"
Lower Maintenance Costs
Pass Health Inspections


News We changed our name to Cool Seal Gaskets as of January 1, 2013 (formerly known as “The Gasket Guy”), but our service remains extraordinary including our products and response time!

At Cool Seal Gaskets we specialize in commercial refrigerator repair, refrigerator replacement doors, air curtains, door panels, walk-in door curtains, walk-in strip curtains & installation in Orlando & Kissimmee, FL. Call us today for more information.

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