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Free Gasket Inspection

Cool Seal Club

Cool Seal™ Club (Free Membership) If you call us before you need gasket replacement we can significantly reduce the turn-a-round time for gasket replacement when you so need it!  Call us now and we will schedule a convenient time to do a no-cost, no obligation, on-site inspection by a specially-trained service tech and catalog your gasket sizes and profiles  Typically, Cool Seal™ Club members get service within 24-48 hours of their call. (see side panel for a detailed description of this service option).

Best Price

Almost instantaneous gasket replacement service at a reasonable cost (20%-50%
less than in-house maintenance
or commercial refrigeration
mechanical contractors).


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Service Guarantee

We provide superior gasket replacement service (and much more). If your business has a significant investment in commercial cooling equipment, ask us about our 7 value-added services, quick response time, and guarantee!


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Priority Care

Our Preventive Maintenance Program is a fixed-cost, all-inclusive option. Pay quarterly, semiannually, or annually to receive priority care, emergency response, scheduled inspection, cleaning, and unlimited gasket replacement.


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