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Our preventative maintenance programs help you delay or avoid equipment replacement costs. By keeping commercial refrigeration equipment at optimum operating levels, businesses can avoid interruption due to out-of service equipment while benefiting from reduced operating costs including expensive repairs and inflated electricity bills. Properly maintained by Cool Seal Gaskets, commercial refrigeration equipment can have an extended service life.

Here is how we can help you …

Cool Seal Gaskets provides superior gasket replacement service (and much more) to restaurants, retailers, institutions, grocers, and other businesses that sell perishable products. If your business has a significant investment in commercial cooling equipment, ask us about our 7 value-added services.

Inspection. Inspection of a commercial refrigeration unit by a trained tech only takes a few minutes. Scheduled inspections as part of a preventative maintenance program can help avoid costly repairs and equipment downtime. Free inspections are part of the Cool Seal Gasket Service. When irregularities are discovered (e.g., cracked, split, or worn gaskets), replacement service is available within a 24-hour period (based on the program).

Availability. Cool Seal Gaskets stocks standard gaskets and can fabricate almost any gasket from standing inventory of gasket materials. We can supply any size or profile for installation within 24-hours of order. If we do not already have the gasket measurements on file for a particular unit, we will provide complete information on how to choose the correct gasket and measure the correct size, so that your maintenance crew can order precisely what you need. We can ship your gasket directly to the location where the refrigeration unit is located.

Fabrication. Using high-tech equipment in a compact, local fabrication facility, Cool Seal Gasket techs precisely measure, miter cut, and thermally weld gasket raw material to the exact requirements for each refrigeration unit. Alternatively, gaskets kits can be ordered directly from the manufacturer, but often these replacement are damaged in shipment (i.e., twisted, curled, etc.) and may not fit properly. Also, in many instances, customer equipment suffers extra downtime while awaiting delivery (up to several weeks).

Installation. Although we are pleased to supply custom-fabricated gaskets for in-house maintenance crews, most customers find that our prompt installation service saves them time and money while more quickly returning refrigeration units to service. Our mobile techs can be dispatched to your location and can replace gaskets within a 24-hour period.

Lower Costs. We are able to provide almost instantaneous gasket replacement service at a reasonable cost (20%-50% less than in-house maintenance or commercial refrigeration mechanical contractors).

Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our work, we will immediately return and reinstall new gaskets and if you are still not satisfied, you'll get 100% of your money back!

Faster Turn-a-round. You call us when your gaskets need replacement or your refrigerator door hardware fails and we will be at your location within 48-72 hours. The actual repair may take longer based on the availability of your equipment’s gasket profile and size.

But for faster Turn-a-round time we offer three options:



  • Gasketeer™ Club (Free Membership) If you call us before you need gasket replacement we can significantly reduce the turn-a-round time for gasket replacement when you so need it!  Call us now and we will schedule a convenient time to do a no-cost, no obligation, on-site inspection by a specially-trained service tech and catalog your gasket sizes and profiles  Typically, Gasketeer™ Club members get service within 24-48 hours of their call. (see side panel for a detailed description of this service option).
  • Maintenance Program Member (Annual Fee). If you had purchased our optional Cool Seal Gaskets Maintenance Program, we will have most likely spotted (and already replaced at no additional charge) the worn gasket during one of our routine inspections (periodic inspection is included with the service along with unlimited gaskets). And, if you need us in between, Cool Seal Gaskets customers get expedited service under our Maintenance – typically within 24 hours of their call. (see Annual Maintenance Agreements above). We will be glad to give you a proposal for an Annual Maintenance Agreement after we complete our Free Initial Inspection.  (More 3)
  • Emergency Service. And, if it’s an emergency … we can dispatch a technician within a few hours of your call (additional service fee applies for expedited services and after-hour service calls).

Best Price

Almost instantaneous gasket replacement service at a reasonable cost (20%-50%
less than in-house maintenance
or commercial refrigeration
mechanical contractors).


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Service Guarantee

We provide superior gasket replacement service (and much more). If your business has a significant investment in commercial cooling equipment, ask us about our 7 value-added services, quick response time, and guarantee!


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Priority Care

Our Preventive Maintenance Program is a fixed-cost, all-inclusive option. Pay quarterly, semiannually, or annually to receive priority care, emergency response, scheduled inspection, cleaning, and unlimited gasket replacement.


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