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Priority Care

Introducing Our Annual Maintenance Program

We offer our Preventive Maintenance Program to customers who prefer a fixed-cost, all-inclusive option. Pay quarterly, semiannually, or annually to receive priority care, emergency response, scheduled inspection and cleaning (gasket, door jamb, accessible coils), and unlimited gasket replacement.

Our Preventative Maintenance Program includes replacing the standard PVC materials with Sanaprine® that can double the normal replacement interval (available for many refrigeration unit makes and models).

Routine Preventive Maintenance (PM) visits lower the risk of needing emergency service on your refrigeration equipment while avoiding health department compliance issues. A maintenance agreement ensures that you receive the support you need; at the moment you need it; without additional billing for gasket replacement. Your ownership costs are predictable and our rates are guaranteed in term. There is minimal disruption of your business with priority response from our trained service techs.

Maintenance Contracts Include:

Priority Response

  • Dedicated telephone number
  • 24-hour emergency response

Upgraded Materials

  • Stocked gaskets (no down time)
  • Unlimited heavy-duty gaskets (exceed OEM specs)

Routine Inspection

  • Scheduled quarterly inspection
  • Condition reports via email

Equipment Tracking

  • Bar-coded inventory sticker
  • GasketTrax™ online service history

Special Pricing

  • Discount for additional services (hinges, latches, curtains, bulbs, etc.)
  • Multiple payment options and agreement terms (1-3 years)

Additional Services

  • Special pricing on affiliated vendor services
  • Discount on temperature monitoring


  • Extend Refrigerator Life
  • No dealing with OEM
  • Control Energy Costs
  • Get Piece of Mind
  • Lower overall costs
  • Reallocate Budget
  • Pass inspection

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Best Price

Almost instantaneous gasket replacement service at a reasonable cost (20%-50%
less than in-house maintenance
or commercial refrigeration
mechanical contractors).


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Service Guarantee

We provide superior gasket replacement service (and much more). If your business has a significant investment in commercial cooling equipment, ask us about our 7 value-added services, quick response time, and guarantee!


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Priority Care

Our Preventive Maintenance Program is a fixed-cost, all-inclusive option. Pay quarterly, semiannually, or annually to receive priority care, emergency response, scheduled inspection, cleaning, and unlimited gasket replacement.


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