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About Replacement Door Gasket Fabrication & Installation

What we do

Cool Seal Gaskets specializes in the fabrication and installation of replacement door gaskets on commercial refrigeration units. Commercial refrigeration equipment is utilized in every business that requires the storage of perishables from food to flowers. Regular maintenance is the key to preventing expensive repairs and loss of stored product that can quickly spoil when not held at the proper temperature.

The vast majority of refrigerators and freezers in commercial use, regardless of manufacturer, utilize a magnetic door seal to prevent cold air leakage. The entire door edge is fitted with a continuous vinyl strip containing a flat magnet that is compressed when the door is closed. This device, commonly called a “gasket”, is miter cut and heat welded to the exact specifications of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to fit each refrigeration unit by make, model, and year of manufacture.       

Who we are

Cool Seal Gaskets of Orlando is a custom fabricator of gaskets (operates self-contained shop facility) and has a staff of 4 serving Orange and Seminole Counties (greater Orlando area) with distinction.

We are a veteran-owned business operated by Anthony Ricciardo who founded his gasket replacement business in 2006. With a client base of more than 300 area restaurants, Anthony and his team of installers and fabricators provide “world-class” service to industry giants like Disney World®, Darden Restaurants (Red Lobster®, Olive Garden®, Seasons 52®, Capitol Grill, and Longhorn Steakhouse®), TGI Fridays, McDonalds and many more national brands.

Cool Seal Gaskets is expanding locally and will soon be franchised regionally then nationally (see Franchising). With his military background as a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps, mechanical expertise (certified aircraft mechanic), and vast experience in the gasket replacement business, Mr. Ricciardo is a positive role model particularly to veterans who enter the Cool Seal Gaskets Franchise program. 

Why we are different

Cool Seal Gaskets offers a vital service for commercial businesses that extends refrigeration equipment life while reducing energy consumption (saves money on utility bills) and eliminating health department compliance issues (related to refrigeration). Cool Seal Gaskets offers a specialty service marketed directly to businesses that utilize commercial refrigerators. Our customers can realize a 30% to 50% savings on gasket repair when compared to in-house maintenance or a commercial refrigeration mechanical contractor.  

We are

  • Eco-friendly. Fully aware of the global implication of environmental protection and the necessity to conserve our limited resources, Cool Seal Gaskets strives to be an eco-friendly company that recycles scrap material (magnets). Eventually 100% of our scrap material will be recycled (used gaskets).
  • Patriotic. All of our gasket materials and custom gaskets are manufactured in the USA. We are a veteran owned and operated company.
  • Solution Oriented. Cool Seal Gaskets can provide gaskets for every equipment type even hard-to-fit, outdated, or retired (no longer manufactured) equipment. Along with custom gaskets, Cool Seal Gaskets installs hardware (e.g., hinges, latches, door sweeps) and efficiency components (e.g., new doors, air curtains, and stainless protection) to OEM specifications for a custom fit and finish.
  • Fast Responders. Cool Seal operates a compact custom fabrication facility. We can respond immediately and complete gasket installation within 24-hours of authorization (see below). No job is too big or too small.

When we do it

In a commercial environment, gaskets are subject to extreme wear and tear due to the constant opening and closing of the door (cycling). Because gasket performance can radically affect cooling efficiency, operational costs, and health department compliance, they are a “consumable item” designed to be replaced periodically. On commercial refrigeration units in low-volume settings, door gaskets are normally replaced every 12-months. Units in high-volume locations may need gasket replacement in 6-month intervals.

Scheduled Service. You call us when your gaskets need replacement or your refrigerator door hardware fails and we will be at your location within 48-72 hours. The actual repair may take longer based on the availability of your equipment’s gasket profile and size.

Gasket™ Corps (Free Membership) If you call us before you need gasket replacement we can significantly reduce the turn-a-round time for gasket replacement when you so need it!  Call us now and we will schedule a convenient time to do a no-cost, no obligation, on-site inspection by a specially-trained service tech and catalog your gasket sizes and profiles  Typically, Gasket™ Corps members get service within 24-48 hours of their call. (see side panel for a detailed description of this service option).

Maintenance Program Member (Annual Fee). If you had purchased our optional Cool Seal Gaskets Maintenance Program, we will have most likely spotted (and already replaced at no additional charge) the worn gasket during one of our routine inspections (periodic inspection is included with the service along with unlimited gaskets). And, if you need us in between, Cool Seal Gaskets customers get expedited service under our Maintenance – typically within 24 hours of their call. (see side panel for a detailed description of this service option).

We will be glad to give you a proposal for an Annual Maintenance Agreement after we complete our Free Initial Inspection.

Emergency Service. And, if it’s an emergency … we can dispatch a technician within a few hours of your call (additional service fee applies for expedited services and after-hour service calls).  

Best Price

Almost instantaneous gasket replacement service at a reasonable cost (20%-50%
less than in-house maintenance
or commercial refrigeration
mechanical contractors).


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Service Guarantee

We provide superior gasket replacement service (and much more). If your business has a significant investment in commercial cooling equipment, ask us about our 7 value-added services, quick response time, and guarantee!


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Priority Care

Our Preventive Maintenance Program is a fixed-cost, all-inclusive option. Pay quarterly, semiannually, or annually to receive priority care, emergency response, scheduled inspection, cleaning, and unlimited gasket replacement.


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Gasket™ Corps (join for FREE).
Ask for a no-cost, no obligation, onsite inspection by a specially-trained service tech who will examine the condition of each refrigeration unit on your premises.  Our technician will review our on-site service procedures and policies with you then leave some information about Cool Seal Gaskets. We will provide a detailed written estimate describing a low-cost solution to any immediate issues and determine what preventative maintenance should be addressed near-term short-term, or long-term.

Most repairs are “flat rate” not hourly, so you can accurately budget for services. Most importantly, during the initial inspection, our technician records the location, make, model, and manufacturer of each piece of refrigeration equipment noting the current condition of each together with the recommended action. With permission, the tech will install inventory tags (weather-proof bar-coded stickers) enabling Cool Seal Gaskets (and you) to better track service calls and reduce turn-a-round time.

Using this system, in many cases gaskets can be fabricated before the scheduled service call eliminating a return trip and minimizing equipment down-time. After the initial inspection, Gasketeer™ Members receive periodic service reminders and special offers from Cool Seal Gaskets.

Maintenance Agreements (optional).
We offer a preventive maintenance program to customers who prefer a fixed-cost, all-inclusive option. Pay quarterly, semiannually, or annually to receive priority care, emergency response, scheduled unit inspection and cleaning (gasket, door jamb, accessible coils), and unlimited gasket replacement.

The program includes replacing the standard PVC materials with Sanaprine® that can double the normal replacement interval (available for many refrigeration unit makes and models).

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